Company story

General Manager:Dr. Klaus Rogge

TURBOLITE Vertriebs GmbH was founded in September 1993 with main target of producing compact fluorescent lamps in China and of selling them in Germany and Western Europe.

With the successful settlement of legal patent proceedings against Philips at Hamburg county court in 1994 Turbolite company made history. The court's decision opened up the market - especially in Germany - for these products and made the prices drop from 40 DM to 5 DM per piece within 3 years .

The low price level created the basis for a break through in the market and resulted in a mass distribution of energy saving compact fluorescent lamps. Under these circumstances Turbolite was faced with the necessity to accomplish a complete change of its production and distribution activities, since a great number of new importers and producers invaded the market and swept away existing distribution structures.

So Turbolite used the experience gathered in manufacture of energy saving lamps for development of completely new goods. In 1997 Turbolite was the first to supply electronic hand lamps equipped with CFL electronic ballast to German market at reasonable prices.

Taking advantage of cooperation between Turbolite and the biggest producer of ferrites in the former Soviet Union in designing and manufacturing coil winding goods for needs of CFL production in Ukraine, our company built up in 1995/96 another business area - the development and manufacture of customised ferrite goods. With annual sales of more than 1 million EUR ferrites make up about 40 per cent of the company's annual turnover and its volume is rapidly growing.

This significant growth is based on the reasonable prices Turbolite is offering for ferrite goods as well as on the much more convenient logistic structures in comparison with deliveries from Far East. Further more, after years of successful automation and optimization of staff management many companies in Western Europe and especially in Germany cannot stand the price pressure any longer and consider shifting the production to countries in Eastern Europe or buying there low-priced raw material or semifinished goods the only way to cope with the situation.

Particularly this scope of activities - the supply of semifinished goods, especially ferrites, at competitive prices - is the core business area of Turbolite company. A staff of highly skilled engineers and technicians as well as employees with rich experience in logistics help the company to perform a competent job.

All these factors enabled Turbolite to become supplier of such strong and wellknown companies as e.g. Philips (L.G. Philips Displays) or Samsung a.o..

In 2002 the start of a highly efficient Swiss grinding maschine contributed to a further modernisation of segment manufacture. The annual production volume increased to an output of about 1200 t finished products.

At present Turbolite company employs 10 people who are active at its offices in Berlin, Kiev (operational branch Ukraine) and Shanghai (official representative in PR of China).

Turbolites turn over increased since 1997 from 3,9 Mio, DM up to more than 2,7 Mio. EUR in 2004.