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Development of electronic components and units (e.g. electronic ballast) as well as of complete appliances (e.g. electronic hand lamps)

Tooling construction and manufacturing (e.g. bending and injection-molding tools)

Development and production of the following goods:

  • special lighting fittings, indoor lightings, designed lighting laterns, designed lighting latern components equipped with fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, light- emitting diodes (LED) a.o.
  • hard- and softferrite magnets (e.g. segments for motors, ferrite cores of various shapes for all kind of coil winding goods)
  • amorphous und nanocrystalline ring cores (e.g. for miniaturized structural components for applications in the electronic and automotive industries and big sized ring cores for high performance electronics)
  • inductive components (such as coils, chokes, transformators, transverters, transducers for power supply systems, EMC appliances, telecommunications, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive industry, lighting, driving equipment)
  • electronic components (such as ballast for energy saving and luminescent lamps T8 and T5)
  • supply of complete appliances (e.g. electronic hand lamps)

All kinds of logistic services:

  • Shifting of manufacturing processes or production units to other contries, especially in Eastern Europe (e.g. Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia) - rich experience since 1995
  • Purchasing of material and goods of OEM
  • Warehousing in the Berlin region and in Eastern Europe
  • Order handling
  • world-wide delivery system
  • Full support in handling all import and customs formalities

Share of activities in Turbolite business scope:

Manufacturing and distribution of electronic lamps and lightings 50%
Development, production and distribution of electronic ballast20%
Soft and hard ferrites20%
Coil winding goods10%